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The most fundamental questions are often the hardest to answer.  Who is coming to the website?  Why do they choose to become customers and why do they stick around?  We do the data deep-dive for you so you can keep focusing on your operations.

If you don’t know where you're going, you’ll end up someplace else.

Yogi Berra

Big businesses have comprehensive marketing plans that provide answers to lots of nagging questions, like:

  • How much should you spend on marketing?
  • How much of that should go to Facebook?  Google?  Print?
  • When should ads run?  And, for how long?
  • What should the ads say?
  • How do you measure success?

Smaller businesses can get away with much less (sometimes just the owner’s unwritten vision).

Chances are that you’re right there in the middle with most of us.

Bottom line: effective marketing requires a plan and coming up with the answers to all these questions requires research.  A firm grasp of your history, values, current operations, branding, competitors, challenges in the market, seasonality, etc. helps to frame the plan, while your goals, expectations, needs and resources provides focus and direction.

We tailor your plan based on your company size and market sophistication.  Our company principals are MBAs with operational experience across multiple industries.  We recognize that marketing does not exist in a vacuum and that it must align with all areas of a company’s operations, no matter the size of the company.  For the big boys and girls, we have the resources and experience to conduct extensive research in support of a full-scale strategic and tactical plan.

At a minimum, we recommend 3 fundamental planning/research elements:

  1. Customer Avatar – a quest to discover your ideal customer.
  2. Sales/Marketing Funnel – the architecture showing the combination of web pages, emails and other elements of your marketing strategy that are positioned along your avatar journey (the path your avatar takes on the journey towards becoming a customer).  The necessary tactics (media, messaging, etc.) will change as avatars progress through the funnel.
  3. Integrated Media Plan – this is the primary planning document to determine when, where and for how long your advertisements will run, as well as how much of your available budget will be allocated to each channel, time period and campaign.

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