Montessori Community School PRESENTING A PLAN​ for Oahu's "Hidden Gem"

For years, parents had been telling Montessori Community School faculty and ​administration that they considered the school to be a “hidden gem”.  We then set out to fix the “hidden” part.

What We Did To Help

We conducted a survey of staff and parents of currently enrolled students that provided some surprising insight into family demographics, level of satisfaction with the school, recommendations from parents and staff for improvements and which marketing touch-points were most effective.

We presented a marketing plan and the final report of the survey results to MCS executive staff, parents & Board of Directors & linked edited reports to the school website for further communication with parents and staff.

The school already had a solid brand, with a website and established logo and colors, although there had been some “adjustments” over the years & no one was 100% sure about the original designs.  This is very common for organizations that have been around for a while.  So, we created a Brand Style Guide which is a document containing detail and uses for logos, icons, colors, typography, main messaging, brand personality, imagery and other elements that define the brand.

Finally, we assisted MCS with creating Facebook and Google advertising accounts.  We also created their first evergreen (always running) ad campaigns.  We also created and managed a number of print, radio and digital promotions, email marketing and provided ongoing consultation for the school.

Montessori Community School has remained at or near full student capacity and social media followership, along with general brand awareness has grown steadily ever since

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